PHAB Pasifika is all about giving young people with Pacific Island heritage the confidence to explore their options providing culturally appropriate opportunities for fun, inclusion, and social participation.  

Co-designed alongside our Pasifika youth, communities, and partners, PHAB Pasifika have a reputation for delivering outstanding social and recreational opportunities for Pasifika youth and adults, with and without disabilities.

The group maintains a strong reputation in their community and are honoured to have significant support from other community organisations, social services and local schools and universities. 

PHAB Pasifika run the following projects:

  • Social clubs
  • Holiday Programs
  • Youth Development Workshops
  • PACE – Pasifika Active Choice Exercise: A 10 week sport and nutrition programme led by a Pasifika leader and a qualified sports therapist.
  • Samoa 101 – A leading cultural awareness program run by community elders and leaders
  • Phusion 2.0:  A cultural dance and performance group that performs at many mainstream events across Auckland including Pasifika Festival, Polyfest, and the Vodafone Music Awards alongside Pati Umanga.

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